Diamondis, a Novel of Discovery

By James Wadman

Diamondis is a love story that begins at the moment of a man’s untimely death. With the second hand on the clock poised in space, Tomas revisits the moments in his life that inspire the creation of his afterlife.

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Tomas Stanton, a neuroscientist at Cornell, collapses the day before he leaves for New York City to begin a life in a lab coat. He learns that he has an inoperable brain tumor, but he will survive for as long as it remains in place. Shortly after moving to the city, Tomas gives up his career in medical research to write a reflection on his pending mortality. He crosses paths with a woman named Julia, who takes a sudden interest in his story. Just as soon as they fall in love, Tomas learns that his brain tumor has metastasized and they seek happiness together in the one year that remains in his life.

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“I’m grateful to be beneath the surface

Where distant windmills swing in silence

By trepid forces above steel wires,

From this wooden chair I wait

For some distant point on the map

Where I might see you crying

But smiling and guiding me back home.

I wonder where your soul hovers

And the blood runs through us,

Cold and blue in ancient veins, asking,

Should I be here still when you return?”

“Death was not the end of his existence, but the termination of his existential nature and the bits of biology that kept him tethered to transience.”

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